social and relationship capital


The relationships Octodec has established through its engagement with its tenants, suppliers, employees, government and business partners are central to our business, as are the contributions we make to the long-term sustainability of the communities in which we operate.

Corporate social investment

Our investment in the security, education, wellbeing and sustainability of the communities in which we operate is an important part of our commitment to building dignity and creating shared value.

Our relationships with the investor community, government, regulators, municipalities, business partners, service providers and communities all impact directly or indirectly on our business and its reputation.

These relationships form part of each capital and are vital inputs to our business model that are constantly being increased, decreased and transformed through our activities.

Procurement and enterprise development

Octodec has a good record of procuring from companies that are black-owned or who have a significant black shareholding. We are focused on transforming our procurement, particularly in terms of maintenance and repairs, and where we are not able to find contractor companies that are 51% black owned in specialist areas, we will contract those that have some black ownership.

We have in place an enterprise and supplier development programme that helps our supplier companies by providing them with office space, equipment and bookkeeping software and training. We take a hands-on approach to advising them in terms of pricing, quoting and understanding laws and regulations that affect their business.

To read more about our Raizcorp initiative, click here.

Stakeholder relations

We communicate with the investor community through our reporting, results presentations, SENS announcements, city tours, one-on-one meetings and at our annual general meeting.

This graphic illustrates the stateholder groups we engage with:

Social and relationship capital diagram