Octodec requires all its representatives to act in good faith and in a manner that promotes our aspiration to be a good corporate citizen. The issue of corporate ethics receives attention from the highest levels of management within Octodec, with our managing director being ultimately responsible for implementing our code of ethics.

Our code of ethics, which is in line with international best practice, explains that we do not tolerate acts of bribery or fraud by our employees, contractors, suppliers, joint venture partners and other business partners.

The board and the audit, risk and social, ethics, remuneration and transformation committees monitor compliance with our code of ethics through the reports they receive, which include feedback from the shared chief risk officer and our whistleblower hotline, which details are included below:

Be Heard hotline:
Freecall – 0800 117 118
Email –
Whatsapp – 063-033-1313
Fax – 0860-454-647
SMS – 44666
Freepost – KZN 612, Overport, 4067
Web –